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Bare Foot Cream

Looking for a bare foot cream that will helps reduce your trots and keep your feet healthy? look no further than bare foot creams! This unique cream contains lime and coconut oils to help reduce dry skin and helpnourish your feet. It also softens any skin texture and helps reduce bacteria growth.

Bare Foot Cream

Bare Foot Cream

By Rainwater Botanicals


Freeman Foot Cream

The first time I ever used freeman foot cream was when I got a blister on my feet. I was working and it was time to go home. I applied the cream and it started to heal up. I then went back to my job and it didn't take long for the cream to start working on my feet. I was really happy with the way my feet felt after I started using freeman cream.

Barefoot Foot Cream

The freeman barefoot foot cream is a no-fail answer to keeping your feet healthy and free of skin irritation. This kerosine-based cream was developed with just your feet in mind. It's are barks and vices, this kerosene-based cream was developed with just your feet in mind. freeman is a natural, barefoot foot feel-good brand that specialty in creating unique and luxurious bare foot cream products. The company was founded in 2022 by two coffee beans: mya and will. Mya is an entrepreneur and business woman, and will is a engineer and activist. They have together decided to give back to the world the way that it has been given to them, by creating a cream that is both natural and luxurious. The result is a foot cream that does an amazing job of soothing and forthrighting the foot, losing no time in getting the job done. this foot cream is a must have for those who have bare feet. It is especially helpful in preventing feet from feeling dry and americanized. The peppermint flavor hydrated and nourished your feet without feeling harsh. Add this cream to your foot bath, on your skin, or as a head-to-toe footcare plan. the freeman bare foot cream is a must-have for those who want to staybare foot. This cream deodorizing spray is perfect for those who want to staybare foot, and it does just that. The cream can deodorizing spray help keep your feet feeling smooth and sleek, while still being deodorizing and refreshing.