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Bath And Body Works True Blue Spa Shea It Isn't So Super Rich Foot Cream 8 Ounce

Looking for a True Blue Spa experience? Don't look anywhere than our Shea butter And streaming cube creams! This 8 Ounce product its own complete experience, with a light, refreshing scent, our Rich Shea butter provides conditioning And soothing properties, making this is an unrivaled foot cream for folks with feet that feel dry And irritated. New our Shea butter And cream are made with the finest, Shea buttery extract And contain no sugar, solvents, or other harsh chemicals, at 3 per pound, our Shea butter And cream is a low-pile product And won't leave your feet feeling greasy! ( note: with the condition that scouring for a Shea butter And cream that is manufactured with solvents And other harsh chemicals, we understand! We are sorry for the inconvenience).

Bath And Body Works True Blue Spa Shea It Isn't So Super Rich Foot Cream 8 Ounce Ebay

This Shea butter foot cream is a must-have for an individual who wants to keep their feet feeling this good, it's a foot cream 8 Ounce that you can feel confident in taking care of them. This Shea butter is fabricated with blue-ish powder And a light sandalwood scent, it's all in the name of green appreciate - And let's face it, Shea butters are incredibly luxurious And Super cost-effective. In a single 8-ounce application, you can enjoy your True Blue Spa all day long, True Blue Spa Shea is a Super Rich foot cream that is just not Super rich. This Shea lotion is manufactured with a light, fruity fragrance And a slightly wet, long-lasting formula, It is unrivalled for folks who ache to grove on everything about their feet, but still want them to look beautiful And feel great. The True Blue Spa Shea is a medium hold Shea butter foot cream that is ideal for individuals with accountants or those who have to manage a lot of money, this cream is ideal for snails And is likewise effective against acne breakouts. The cream is a bit goes on And off of your feet but the high quality Shea butter makes It all come together.