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Dr Teals Shea Enriched Foot Cream

Looking for a rich, luxurious foot cream? Try dr, Teals Shea Enriched foot cream, which includes high levels of Shea profits. This product is unequaled for people with dry orgy feet, because it provides hydration and locks in moisture.

Best Dr Teals Shea Enriched Foot Cream

This Shea rich foot cream is: + Shea rich + enjoys use + left alone to work + company + contains 8 oz, of Shea rich content this dr. Teals' Shea Enriched foot cream is terrific for people with dry or damaged feet! The left alone to work part means that 3 pk Dr teal's Shea Enriched foot cream is can be used alone or in a mixture with other Shea rich creams, both commercial and natural, this creme contains 8 oz. Of Shea rich content, making it a fantastic alternative for enthusiasts with dry or damaged feet, this Shea Enriched foot cream is a splendid surrogate to protect and embellish your feet! The ingredients include a blend of Shea nut and potato oils, which is said to be effective your feet and providing Teals Shea Enriched pure epsom salt foot cream is a hot product that is sure to please. This cream is manufactured with Shea butter and Enriched with salt to give it affect and benefits, the cream is again vegan and gives a light, refreshing flavor. This cream contains teal notes and leave your feet feeling soft, shea-yated and lightly oily, it also contains other Shea ease and provides a little hydration for your feet.