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Equate Athlete's Foot Cream Clotrimazole

Equate's athlete's foot cream is designed to treat and prevent fungus on the feet. This antifungal cream 2 oz has 600 healing mg ofclothianidin and is formulated to workcombined with the equate-based antifungal cream, this 2 oz container is enough to cover the feet of most people. The antifungal cream will help to reduce the tracks of fungus and will help to protect the feet from further damage.

Athlete’s Foot Cream

Athlete’s Foot Cream

By Equate


Athletes Foot Cream Clotrimazole

My first experience with this product was when I was playing tennis. I was using it as a foot treatment and it was really effective. I used it again when I was playing golf and it was also very effective. I believe that this product is ideal for athletes who are using it as a treatment and also while they are playing golf.

Athlete's Foot Cream Reviews

This product is second to first best athlete's foot cream that I have used. It is a light, refreshing cream that eliminates itchy sensations andithendiagnosed with foot odor. I highly recommend it for those with athlete's foot. athletic foot cream is a great way to protect your feet from therix and freeloaders. This powerful cream can help to reduce inflammation and fungal growth, making your foot feel always so nice. Specially formulated with equate antifungal ingredients, athletes foot cream is sure to protect your feet and freeloaders. equate athletes foot cream is a natural, all-natural product that is designed to help protect your feet while you are playing or performing. This product is designed to fight against infection and fungal growth, making your feet always safe. The all-natural formula is perfect for those who have a higher risk for fungal infection, while the antifungal cream helps to reduce growth of fungal cells within thefeet. this equate athlete's foot cream has 2 oz of clotrimazole in it. It is a naturalantifungal cream that helps to reduce the amount of fungal growth on the feet. This cream is also good for reducing the white blood cell count in athletes.