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Gold Bond Diabetic Skin Relief Foot Cream

Gold Bond is an unique blend of natural ingredients that provide Relief and protection for those with diabetes, the foot cream uses an unique blend of extract from golden honeydew and beets to support and protect the Skin on the feet. The cream is also Skin protectant and helps to boost energy levels in those with diabetes, it's a perfect choice for those with dry or sensitive feet.

3.4 Oz., Soothes

Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetics' Dry

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(3.4oz.) Ultimate Dry Skin Relief Protectant New*
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3.4 Ounce

Gold Bond Diabetic Skin Relief Foot Cream Amazon

This Gold Bond ultimate diabetics dry Skin Relief foot cream is the perfect solution for those with Gold Bond diabetes, the dry Skin Relief and Relief from foot pain is unparalleled. The Gold Bond helps to sto the diabetes from spreading and adds jobs to theday's activities, this Gold foot cream is perfect for those with diabetes and those who want to get the most Relief from the creatures on the foot. The cream is made of natural Gold and it is considered to be Skin Relief cream, this Gold Bond foot cream is also perfect for those with sensitive feet as it is made of natural Gold and is also known to be effective. This Gold Bond diabetes support foot cream is a great choice for those with diabetes, the dry, sore Skin is relieved from the Gold Bond technology, and you can feel good about your feet with this cream. This Gold Diabetic Skin Relief foot cream is a delicious way to soothe a dry foot! The luxurious, new Gold Bond bond ingredients provide intense Skin Relief and help to restore health and well-being to Diabetic skin, this delicious foot cream is available in 3. 4 oz form.